How Royal Method Works?

A Breakthrough Method

The Royal Method is an innovative method based on the discoveries of quantum physics.
It is a completely safe therapeutic method based on stimulating the human subconsciousness during sleep. It is at that time when you give in to a positive suggestion that changes your old programs, patterns, inner beliefs, and habits. Regular, long-lasting exposure of the subconscious mind to a new positive message restores the state of psychophysical balance,
well-being, and it helps to create a new and better reality.
You sleep while our programs work for you!



Przełomowa metoda

How do the therapeutic programs work?

The Royal Method programs are recordings specially developed by psychologists, medical practitioners and sound engineers. They use a priming tool that has been used successfully in cognitive-behavioral therapy. The programs contain positive suggestions that “train” the brain to act out new and desired behaviors. When you listen to them, processes are triggered that regenerate your body.
Moreover, they activate its ability to heal itself.
The verbal and musical messages have a therapeutic effect on your psyche. When you listen to the recommendations selected by the specialist, natural physiological reactions take place in your body. They bring calmness, peace, reduce stress and clear the mind.



Emotional verbal messages are spoken with the appropriate intonation, and at a slow pace. Through combining them with specially composed music at the frequency of 432 Hertz, they allow you to go into a state of relaxation. This is when alpha waves begin to prevail in your brain, which are characteristic of deep relaxation and stress relief, usually occurring just before falling asleep and right after waking up.

Alpha waves are conducive to creative thinking. In this state, direct interaction with the subconscious mind is facilitated, which allows the existing patterns of action and thinking to be completely changed. Development of the right habits guarantees achieving the desired goals in a safe and healthy way for your body.


For whom?

The Royal Method programs are for anyone who wants to feel better, take care of their mental state and improve their quality of life. They are used by people suffering from depression icon3.png, insomnia icon1.png and living in constant stress and rush icon2.png. Our experts confirm the effectiveness of the programs.



Nighttime therapy

The Royal Method programs have been developed with sleep therapy in mind. You listen to them while sleeping on a special Royal Method therapeutic pillow. You fall asleep quickly when you listen to the Royal Method programs. You calm down and regenerate your body. In sleep, your brain works differently and your subconscious mind is activated. The Royal Method programs have therapeutic effect on it, “healing” the harmful habits.


Therapeutic Pillow

You achieve the best results by listening to our therapy programs using the comfortable Royal Method pillow, which has a built-in speaker system. You turn on the volume using an mp3 player or your phone app. The loudspeakers play a selected program at a low volume throughout the night. Only the person sleeping on the pillow can hear the program playing.


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The best results

Shaping your subconscious mind through positive suggestions requires multiple repetitions. We recommend that you listen to the programs at least six hours a night. This way, it is possible to repeat verbal and musical messages many times, which strengthens and reinforces the natural psychological reactions of your body. You can notice the first results after just thirty days of using a selected program. The optimal time to use the Royal Method is three months. At that point, you achieve the best results.



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The Royal Method programs have been developed by a team of experts: medical doctors, experienced psychologists, and sound engineers. Our specialists draw on many years of experience in working with night programs in the treatment of their patients. Meet our experts.

You sleep while our programs work for you.

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