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Our programs were designed by a team of experienced experts, including medical professionals, psychologists and sound engineers. It is the world’s only patented night-time psychotherapy method, which to this day has been used in the Berlin-based Charite clinical hospital. What our experts say about the Royal Method:




Reinhold Graff
MD, PhD, oncologist, head of radiation therapy at the Charite Clinic in Berlin

I am glad to have discovered Royal Method’s therapeutic programs that support medical treatment, developed by doctors and psychologists. It makes me happy to see that patients can receive this kind of help and psychological support. Royal Methods night-time programs are a guiding light, supporting and leading patients, in particular those suffering for the most severe diseases, on their journey to recovery. The authors of these programs – people, whom I know personally – used them to share their long-standing expertise and extensive knowledge they have gained in the course of their work with patients, in particular those suffering from cancer. With deep respect,

Reinhold Graff, MD, PhD.





Helmut Hoyer, PhD – doctor of physics, engineer, professor at Humboldt University, quantum physicist researching applications of physics and quantum mechanics.

It is a unique method that enables people to optimize their bodies, supporting the processes of regeneration and self-healing. The programs were developed by leading doctors and psychologists, building upon long-standing expertise and years of helping those in need. These days, our lives run at an astounding pace, experiencing chronic stress and fatigue. Scientists already know that our emotional states have an enormous impact on our bodies and as such, they cause many lifestyle diseases. This is what makes recovery and a healthy, strong psyche so important.
Royal Method’s programs support reshaping of our psyche by fostering a mentality that enables us to function optimally in the surrounding world, which has become difficult at this special time. I have personally benefited from night-time therapy and saw a rapid improvement of my health. It was an effective method for me to make positive changes in my life – thanks to it, I could use my sleep time to record positive suggestions directly to my subconscious. I can only recommend Royal
Method’s therapy programs to absolutely everyone!

Prof. Helmut Hoyer, PhD. Eng.




Adrianna Sobol
Psychologist, oncologist, therapist, lecturer at the Medical University of Warsaw, therapist at the Oncological Hospital in Warsaw.

Emotions are an integral part of our lives and they have an enormous impact on our bodies and well- being. Depression, anxiety, gastrointestinal diseases and even cancer all have their roots in the psyche, they are closely related to chronic stress, emotions and tensions, which affect our immune system. Our lives are faster than ever and we experience near- constant stress – in a flurry of tasks, we lack time for regeneration and relaxation, which leads to many diseases. Royal Method’s night-time therapy is a solution for everybody who would like to take care of themselves while sleeping. Every person needs a moment of silence and respite, a moment to take care of one’s body and mental health – all of this is needed to prevent numerous diseases.
I highly recommend Royal Method's therapy programs!
They perfectly complement any treatment as a daily and nightly dose of peace and relaxation, and a perfect support needed these days by adults and children alike.

Adrianna Sobol





Wanda Kruszyńska
Ayurvedic therapist, trainer, post-natal care (ayurdoula) specialist, graduate of the Ayurvedic Institute of Wellness in Canada and the Ayurveda Institute in the USA and India under the auspices of Dr. Vasant Lad.

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach to a person, believing that the body and mind are one. We believe that if the mind is weak and the body is strong, a person can still be prone to disease and illness, but if the mind is strong and the body is weaker, the sheer power of our minds can help us overcome any illness and obstacle in our way. That is why it is so important to work on the power of the mind with the subconscious. Royal Method’s programs do exactly that. They allow us to stop, calm down, regenerate. As we sleep, the programs work on the subconscious, changing our bodies and impacting their biochemistry. They also trigger physiological processes that foster mental and physical well- being. This is an extremely powerful method!
I can recommend Royal Method’s therapeutic programs to absolutely everyone!

Wanda Kruszyńska
Ayurvedic therapist


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