Starter kit: pillow + FIND JOY IN LIFE PROGRAM

Starter kit: pillow + FIND JOY IN LIFE PROGRAM

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Therapeutic program FIND JOY IN LIFE

For whom?
For people struggling with depression.
More information about the program you will find HERE

Description of the delivery and instruction for starting the program:

If you order the Pillow + Program starter kit, the package will be sent to you by a courier (DHL or DPD or Fedex) within 24 hours after receiving the order's payment. In the package you will receive a pillow with instructions on how to start the night therapy. 

In case of buying the program only, you will receive by e-mail all necessary information how to download the application with the program. When purchasing, you can choose a therapy which played on your mobile via the application or via the mp3 player. We recommend playing the therapy via a mobile application which you download from the app stores.

You install the application on your phone and log in by using your phone number and a unique password, which you will receive from us by text message. After logging in to the application, you will see all the therapies you have purchased. The application is completely safe, it works offline, i.e. you do not need to have internet access during playback.

At night, we suggest you turn on airplane mode on your phone so that your phone will not emit any waves. You connect the phone to the pillow and start the program before falling asleep.

Pillow – the information about the product’s features and its description you will find HERE

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