Alpha waves and the subconscious mind

The brain produces waves that can be measured with the EEG test, i.e. the analysis of its bioelectric activity. Beta waves occur during the normal awakening of our full consciousness, they are associated with active, busy and logic thinking.

Alpha waves on the other hand, dominate the brain when falling asleep or while one is in the process of waking up. The same thing happens during the proces of falling asleep when we are in a state of wakeful relaxation.

They're different types of brain waves in diverse frequency ranges.

Alpha brain waves may be considered a bridge from the external to the internal world, and vice versa. When these waves dominate inside our brain, the sense of time and space disappear, and we establish more effective contact with the subconscious mind.

The communication between consciousness and subconsciousness becomes more understandable, we can more effectively modify its content or convey the necessary information.

While waking up and falling asleep takes a relatively short time, a daydreaming often occurs unknowingly, we can also enter this state of relaxation in a controlled manner and learn how to maintain it. Then we achieve the best conditions for using tools such as visualizations or affirmations. When alpha waves are dominant in the brain, we let the subconscious work by sending it clear signals.

The exercises that we perform while working on the mind contain instructions and commands for the subconscious mind.

This area of the psyche has enormous potential and it is worth learning how to use it effectively

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