Your subconscious mind is listening

The subconscious mind is a part of our psyche, that we are not aware of. Everything that we have ever seen and heard is recorded in it. If we imagine something, the subconscious mind recognizes it as real. If we focus on a thought and we feel strong emotions, the subconscious mind recognizes that it is extremely important to us. Therefore, it strives to ensure that there is no lack of factors that arouse intense emotions.

It must be remembered that the subconscious mind is not related to logic. Emotions are the driving force for actions. Imagine a patient who learns that they have cancer. What does it mean? In his body, cells began dividing uncontrollably, forming a lumpy structure. The patient should think: ”What should I do to get rid of this? I want to get down to the business of removing this right now!”

However, most patients do not react in this way; instead, they start to have negative feelings in regards to their cancer (obviously!). They recall what they have heard about the difficult treatment, its bothersome side effects, and the uncertain treatment results. Such thinking is accompanied by fear and a huge load of negative emotions. As a result, the patient’s subconscious mind recognizes the patient over-thinking intensely and thus assumes the disease is incurable thus facilitating the progression of the disease. 

The subconscious is all a processes in our mind to which we do not have constant, conscious and controlled access. They manifest themselves in every sphere of our life - in an emotional state, in the way the body functions. They are responsible for over 90% of the activities we undertake. Some of these processes are inborn, others develop over the years. Basically, they should serve us - facilitate operation, save energy, allow us to focus on what is more important to us. That is why it is so important to work with the subconscious mind when we want to improve our health and well-being.

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