Relationship really has more than one name.

Throughout our lives we create many relationships. It has been happening since birth. We are born as a son or daughter of our parents, we are someone's sister and granddaughter, someone's brother and grandson. Over time, we are surrounded by more and more people and other beings – animals etc. We become someone's colleagues, friends, guardians, neighbors and co-workers.

In fact, almost everyone, from a relatively young age, thinks intensely about a special type of relationship, which is a love relationship. The initial acquaintance of a boyfriend and girlfriend can turn into a long lasting relationship. The one which by definition should be based on love, mutual support, unconditional friendship and broadly understood partnership.

Everyone is worthy of love. Most of us expect it, but unfortunately many people also believe that they must deserve it.

Meanwhile, love is natural like a heartbeat or hair growth. Just as these processes take place - because this is our physiology - we have the right to love and be loved because we are social beings who have developed such mechanisms. Love is not only available to the chosen ones, but it is available to everyone who can only accept it and will care for it.

It is worth learning how to manage your own life. Everything that happens to us is indifferent, we just give it the meaning. It is up to us to choose whether we see it as a problem, challenge, or business.

Very often, abandonment by the partner is the reason of depression, nervous breakdown, reaching for alcohol. It is seen as a tragedy in life, a blow that will no longer be able to recover. However, there are people who approach it differently. They see the breakdown of a relationship as the beginning of something new. If the relationship was not successful, they can breathe deeply, go dancing, hoping that maybe there they will meet someone more suitable, re-arrange their lives based on their experience. They know that people like the ”ex” are not worth their love and interest. They are wiser about what they've been through and more effective at building a new relationship.

Let us remember that life opens up new opportunities for us, but only when we are ready to accept them. What we think and talk about now makes up our tomorrow. If we want to have a successful, loving and supportive relationship, we should think of it in such terms. We have to keep telling ourselves that this is how this relationship will look like, and that the future will take the shape we want - and this belief should be our natural state.

This is the law of cause and effect. If someone thinks about a misfortune or is afraid that his partner will be an alcoholic because he himself comes from a family with an alcohol problem, there is a great probability that he will actually attract person with such problem, he will fall in love with and create a relationship he would like to avoid.

So we must start working on building a worthwhile relationship from ourselves. First we should say goodbye to the past and definitely close it, cleansing ourselves of traumatic experiences.

A person full of harmony and love transfers these elements to environment and relationship. Such person begins to look for the company of people with a similar mindset. Creates an environment in which they will be able to find the right partner. Let us not allow thoughts and words of negative people to dominate our thinking. What they think is their problem, not ours.

If we plant a cherry stone in our garden, we should not expect an orange to grow out of it. The tree will always yield the same fruit, and our care and diligence will determine whether we will see many of them or let the plant die. Remember that we will never be able to relive the passing day, so let's try to make each day truly beautiful and unique. No matter what we do - it is worth approaching it with passion and positive energy. Then our life will become good, we will attract people who look at the world as optimistically as us, we may also find the right partner among them. When we start to believe in something, think about it and talk about it and it becomes reality.

How many people want their lives and those around them to change. They believe that they will be happy only when someone will do something they want or the situation will change. This is the biggest mistake they make. Completely nothing will change until they change themselves and do something for themselves.

It's like seeing the doctor and asking for stomach pills for a friend because my stomach hurts. This is a paradox that occurs very often.

If for many years we feed on fears and follow negative patterns and we do not achieve what we dreamed of, we fail to create a happy relationship, it means that this is not the right direction to go. Since it did not lead us to the desired goal, it is better not to pursue it further and change direction.

Let us ask ourselves: will we lose anything by creating a positive image of ourselves and taking care of our needs for six months? Certainly nothing. How can our lives change? Basically. completely. Every thought, sustained and repeated long enough, begins to "live its own life." It is not a question of whether the thought will come true, but when it will.

In order to avoid repeating our parents life mistakes and failed choices, we are in constant anxiety. Paradoxically, in this way we activate the mechanisms that make us start living similarly to them. We are following along the same life path that did not lead them to the intended goal.

Therefore, start with yourself. Take a look at what may be an obstacle to build a good relationship, how you can get rid of it and consistently pursue it. This way be prepared, think about how your relationship should look like, and then use the right tools. Only this sequence of actions guarantees success in this area.

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