The influence of night-time programs on the healing process

What exactly is a “night-time program”?
This is a specially prepared audio recording, which utilizes a proven form of supporting the individual work of the mind; one of its main goals is to improve health. Listening to these night-time programs helps you to get rid of the discomfort of insomnia, depression and stress.

Why are these types of aids designed to be used at night? This is due to several factors.

First, when we sleep, we have a time and opportunity to be closer to our subconscious mind. Of course, we need the right tools for this. These include a night-time program, i.e. a recording which contains specially selected music, a set of appropriate suggestions and commands given by a psychologist.

The well-known saying that “practice makes perfect” also applies here. At night, it is possible to repeat recordings many times, so that they activate, anchor and consolidate health-promoting habits that facilitate recovery. The night hours allow for long-term exposure to the repeated transmission. As a result, the path to the triggering of natural physiological reactions leads to the body’s regeneration. These are also processes that shape and strengthen habits which make it easier to get rid of discomfort on various grounds.

The goal is to achieve and maintain the desired state, beneficial for health and well-being.
At night, the access to the subconscious is easier. Due to the fact that the positive message is emitted during sleep, awareness doesn’t block, inhibit or distort it during processing.

During sleep, the brain is dominated by alpha brain waves, which facilitate direct action on the subconscious.

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