The placebo

Nowadays, the placebo effect is widely discussed – it is a substance that has no pharmacological value but is administered to patients for therapeutic purposes. However, we often hear the dismissive sentence: “It’s just a placebo”. Is it really “just”? Why would an agent which shouldn’t cause any effects be more effective than a reputable medicine?

There are many reasons. In our opinion, the placebo is a “trigger” of various subconscious processes that, among other things, stimulate the body to regenerate and results an inexplicable healing effect.

The patient’s unquestionable conviction that the given product is an effective medicine (even though it is actually a placebo) already working thus helps them regain their health. So is it not worth considering how you can induce regeneration and self-healing processes in a different, perhaps even more effective way?
In fact, a strong belief and the expectation of a beneficial effect work here, i.e. a “creation” of our mind that depends on us. So you can see how huge potential is in our mind. Isn’t it a great motivation to learn how to use its resources and opportunities?

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