The role of the mind in the fight against disease

We can compare a disease to a piece of broken equipment. This broken piece can be oiled and/or have its parts replaced - and it continues to work, often as good as new. Usually, we can easily find the reason why it broke. As for humans, the matter is not quite so simple. The cause of the disease is often an unsolved mystery. Even if, thanks to great leaps in the field of medicine, we can eliminate the effects of many diseases, improve the quality of life and prolong it; it does not mean that it is possible to be able to eliminate certain diseases and restore the original state of health. Meds taken to combat most diseases affect the body, but the psyche is very important part of our life as well.

These two spheres are intertwined, constantly interact and influence each other. Therefore, it is worth using this dependency properly. The term „dependency” is crucial here. Why? Because we actually use it constantly. Whether we perceive it or not, our mental state affects our body. Most people agree with the saying „A healthy body is a healthy mind”, but we don’t often take into consideration that a healthy mind promotes a healthy body. The term “psychosomatic ailments” is fairly well known for physical conditions such as abdominal pain, headache or diarrhea which are caused by psychological factor such as stress. On the other hand, we are less likely to remember situations in which the state of the psyche has had a positive effect on us, for example, when good news can make you happy – it can inspire you, and this inspiration can help you focus on a particular task thus helping you overcome physical limitations.

Therefore, by using the power of your mind, you can trigger, direct and accelerate the regeneration and self-healing processes, which is a profound property of our body. We use the mind constantly, regardless of the state of our health, and since it has a causative effect, we can improve the comfort of our life at any time. It’s simply about being aware of it, learning the appropriate techniques for working with your mind, and applying them.

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